Motor vehicle accident settled for 78-year old clinical psychologist with tortfeasor and UIM/BI insurance carrier for $156,000 in 2016 Bergen County accident.

Ana Rita Ferreira settled a BI suit with undisputed liability, with two insurance companies, shortly before mandatory arbitration, and de bene esse depositions were scheduled for our elderly client, a clinical psychologist. The plaintiff, who still maintained his clinical practice, sustained serious aggravation of a pre-existing lower back fusion, requiring multiple facet joint medial branch block injections performed by a pain management specialist at Hackensack University Medical Center. He consulted a neurologist promptly after the accident for issues of dizziness and confusion, which left him dazed, and was diagnosed with a concussion. He also developed serious ENT issues for benign positional vertigo, resulting from this rear-end impact. This was diagnosed as a post-traumatic brain-stem injury, resulting in left-sided hearing loss, dizziness, and balance impairment. In order to establish the exacerbation of our client’s lumbar pathology from this MVA, our firm hired a radiologist to assess pre- and post-accident MRI studies to establish new and worsened pathology, an extruded herniation, at the L5/S1 vertebrae level, causally-related to this accident.

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